About the Artist

Robert Delutri's professional experience includes working at the University of Minnesota and the private sector in management, teaching and training positions. He has taught courses on Aesthetics and Creative Problem Solving at the University of Minnesota's Student Center and the Minnetonka Center for the Arts.

Delutri's 'Research' explores the interface between ART - SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY. He established his 1st StudioLab in St. Paul in 1974, has worked with numerous galleries, including the Swanson Gallery in Edina and has sold and exhibited his Theoretical Aesthetic Research extensively throughout the Midwest.

He served on the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota Museum of American Art for nearly three years in the 90's and served as Co-Chair of the Museum's Artists Forum during that time. His work has been profiled on several television stations, newspapers and Minnesota Public Radio. In addition, Delutri designed and created the Laser Award for the Minnesota High Tech Council and has designed and created the Tekne Award sculpture for the past 13 years.

Delutri's "Research" is manifested as Mixed Media Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Sculpture, Collage and "Domains as Art".


The Tekne Award Sculpture was conceived to symbolize Technology, not as a product or end in itself, but as a manifestation of an ever evolving and dynamic process that is never finished or completed. Indeed, there can be no foreseeable end point to what we can learn, know, discover, create or innovate...Each sculpture incorporates a unique piece of glass that has been hand fractured and mounted behind a steel Tekne 't' logo. Each sculpture is unique in that each peice of handmade glass exhibits distinctive characteristics of shape, color, bubbles and swirls in the color and density that are the result of the process of pouring the molten, handmade glass and then fracturing each piece.

- Robert Delutri